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Little people and big decisions

Remember when making decisions was easy? Yes? Lucky you. I’ve always been indecisive. Sean Kingston’s song lyrics come to mind …

She’s indecisive. She can’t decide.

Well, cheers for clearing that up for us, Sean.




Luckily,  pregnancy had a great effect on me when it came to choosing anything. I’m blaming the hormones for transforming me into this super direct, decision-making boss. Okay, I’m exaggerating a tiny bit but you get me.

Parenting doesn’t have space for indecision either.

Oh, should I wear the bla … What? She’s doing what … Why is the baby cr … Never mind, I’ll go topless.

If you are actually able to make any kind of decisions in your house quickly or without change, are you even a parent? Of course, there are so many types of decisions we have to make daily; parent or not. Who am I to take that away from anyone? Decisions are really tricky sometimes, even the ones that seem like they’re going to be easy.

Then there are the big decisions. The ones that require a lot of back and forth discussion. The difficult ones. Ugh, they make me shudder. I can’t even begin to think how I’d have dealt with them pre kids.

About a year and a half ago, we made one of those big decisions. We decided to move home to Ireland. I was pregnant on baby number two, we were living in Kuwait and after long discussions, we decided that moving back to Ireland would be best. Initially, we had said we’d come home until Reagan was born and then head off again. Knowing that wasn’t very realistic, we then settled on coming back for a year. Being here indefinitely was never part of our plan.

The eleventh of June this year marked our one year living in Ireland anniversary. It was also around this time this year that we started to make more big decisions. We had been offered teaching positions abroad and were going back and forth on our verdict about whether or not to take it. There really is a lot to think about now that we have two kids. Leticia is a little older now and has really strong bonds with family here, she is going to an amazing creche and we have made some genuinely awesome friends. I’ve also become the Wexford Ambassador for Mum Tribe Ireland which is an up and coming support network for mammies all around Ireland. Check it out here. Knowing and having experienced how lonely and isolating motherhood can be, being part of Mum Tribe Ireland and possibly helping other mothers is something I’d love to continue with.

There is so much going on here now that makes me, in some ways, want to stay just a while longer.

On the flip side, I’m not working here and it’s hard for Berto to get a stable job unless we move to Dublin which would have us very much out of pocket. Financially, staying would be a huge mistake, if we want our girls to have any quality of life as they get older. Like all other parents, we want what’s best for them. We are leaving the ball completely in their courts when it comes to third level education but whatever they do decide to do, we want to be able to support them however we can.

A home we can call our own is also a dream of ours. We just haven’t decided where we’d like that home to be but having it as an option during holidays would be fantastic. Ideally it would be somewhere with a year round temperate climate, a beach, cocktails by the dozen and all round happy vibes. I’m not asking for much, right?

In order to live this dream, we really need to get our savings back on track which will, unfortunately, not happen in Ireland.

The result of our much discussed options was not easy to come to. Not at all. There were tears and many, many other emotions. There still are some tears. I have to go back to work which terrifies me with Reagan being my little magnet. I would love to be a stay at home mammy for another while and I am so scared that it might mean an end to our breastfeeding journey but that I will not give up without a gigantic fight. My anxiety is through the roof at the moment with the thoughts of it all. I do know it will all be okay though. I was like this with Leticia too and everything worked out. This too shall pass.

At the moment, we are awaiting some documentation and visa paperwork. Once it is all sorted, we’ll be out of here again and on our way to our next adventure. It’s going to come around really fast.

I set up Globe Baby Blog to document our travels with Leticia (which I never actually got around to doing, but I promise I will in the future). We are now, in essence, becoming Globe Family. We are about to resume our dream, as nerve wrecking as it may be right now. Travelling is our passion, a lifetime dream of ours, and we want to share that with our girls as much as we possibly can.

So, here we go again …


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