Power Parents


Power Parents! Yup, that’s what I’m calling them. You know, the parents who have their shit together. The ones who establish a great routine with their kids and actually stick to it. The ones who always feed their kids the healthiest, most nutritious food (apologies to my nutritionist cousin, I try my best). The ones who do it all. You guys simply amaze me. I just have one question for you – HOW? How in the name of the Seven Spanish Angels (thanks Willie Nelson, love that song) do you do it?

Almost on the daily, I log onto social media (Facebook or Instagram, don’t even ask me how to navigate Twitter or any other form of social media) and see mothers with their hair and make up looking fab, their equally as fabulous kids in tow, standing in their immaculate houses. Seriously!! I can barely even get a non-blurry picture of me and my girls. Never mind them actually looking clean, or in fact wearing clothes. Leticia has taken a liking to getting naked quite a lot now, or at least taking her pants down so that makes for interesting pictures. Filters are my life saver for some of those blurry ones, I tell you that much. As for nice clothing on my kids. Well, it’s somewhat easy to get nice stuff on Reagan at the moment; she has yet to voice her opinion on them, being only 5 months old. Leticia though. She’s another story. In the past week, I have wasted so much money on buying her nice new shoes and clothes just to hear, ‘I don’t like it that one. No mammy. I can’t do it.’ I love her ever emerging opinion and how much she voices it (can you sense my sarcasm?). And when I do manage to get something nice on her, there’s no time for pictures because it’s got yogurt, or some other weird substance, on it before I even have a second to open the camera on my phone. So yeah, fun!

leticia choc
Leticia moments after getting dressed already wearing a stained t-shirt.

Now, for me, when it comes to my hair and make-up … well, for starters, I own the tiniest bag of make up in the world and I have no idea how to contour or do any of these new make-up trends (god, I feel so old). My hair – I’m currently modelling an overgrown undercut with highlights so outgrown that I almost look like I’ve had balayage done. A very bad balayage, but balayage nonetheless. Seriously how are you mommas getting the time to look so amazeballs? You ladies stun me and I am giving you the world of high fives through the social network lines. Every. Single. Time. Also, could you hold some kind of work shop on how you’re doing it so that I can learn all your secrets? You’re gonna need to show me how to cover up all these lovely wrinkles too. Instagram filters don’t seem to do much for those. Something to think about, Instagram.

me and girls wrinkles and all
Me, wrinkles and all, on one of my three walks last week.. No make up. Leticia enjoying her ice cream cone and Reagan longing for the day that she’s allowed to have one.

Aside from hair, make-up and angel kids, what about your houses? I’m sitting here typing up this post, trying to ignore the mess that I’m sitting in. Yeah, I could take this time to clean it up. Sure I could but I choose to update my blog instead. A girl’s got to have a hobby, right? Do you guys have help? Like, does someone come in and clean your house? And are they cheap? Will they come and clean my house? If you’re doing it yourself, do you also have time to clean my house? I’ll pay you in love and cute baby smiles. Sometimes, I honestly think there’s no point in cleaning the house because it’s clean for the couple of hours Leticia is at creche and then she comes home and it’s like there’s been a stampede of wild animals gone through our whole house. This I am not exaggerating. If you can imagine the Tasmanian Devil zooming in through your house and destroying/ upending every damned thing in sight. That is our sweet little toddler. And people say that boys are the destructive ones. Ha!!!

Don’t even get me started on those parents who work, eat healthy food themselves, and workout on top of all of everything else (everything else being keeping their tiny humans alive). There needs to be some kind of award for you guys. My husband and I have discussed working out … discussed it … a few times. I don’t even think we’ve had the time to finish those discussions. Needless to say, not much working out has happened in this household in quite a while. I went for three walks last Friday. That was a proud moment for me. We try to eat healthy food too but then, you know, exhaustion plus left over Easter eggs sitting around, plus the willpower of a child (that’s me) are never gonna allow for that to successfully happen. To be fair, this week has been a pretty good week for the healthy meals. You know how I managed to cook those? Pinterest. My recent searches have been, ‘EASY healthy dinners’ and ‘QUICK clean eats’. Thank you Pinterest. You have helped me a lot this week. I have also been keeping a food diary this week in an attempt to eliminate all the junk. Little by little is how we keep the boat afloat here.

blur 1
One of the many blurry photos taking up space on my phone. But they’re wearing matching clothes, how can I delete it?!

There are some serious power parents out there though. Let’s take a moment to appreciate all of them; those working, studying, exercising, doing it alone, doing it with shitty other halves (for whatever reason), and parenting all at the same time. Then there are those who are surviving and keeping their heads above water. The ones I see mugs on Groupon for which read, ‘Today’s goal – Keep tiny humans alive’. I need one of those. I have so many good intentions every day to get lots done. Some days it works out but the majority of the time it doesn’t and I wonder where the heck my day has gone. The days go so quickly when you have kids. Too quickly. I honestly don’t know where the past five months have gone since having our second daughter. It’s just flown. But I have survived it, my husband is still alive to tell the tale and most importantly, our daughters seem happy and healthy, for the most part. Come to think of it, where have the past two years gone?

Although, I’m praising these parents who seem to have their lives so well in order and applauding them, I believe that all parents are super parents. Parenting is hard. We all deserve awards. And whether or not you think you have your shit together as a parent, just take a second to have a look at the smiles on your kiddies faces. That’s what says it all; happy kids. That’s what keeps us going day in and day out. Frankly, my whole life lights up when our girls smile. When they laugh, my heart explodes. That is what parenting is all about. If you don’t consider yourself to be a power parent, or a super parent, there is someone who does. That someone is most likely screaming at you or asking you for ‘chocalah’ as you read this. That someone loves you more than any other superhero. Keep up the good work – you are all real-life superheroes.

I love this picture of our girlies.

But seriously, how do you juggle so many things when you have kids? Like, I mean, teach me your ways.

*Sidenote: I don’t mean to leave the Dads out here. You guys look super hot in your social media pics and you are also doing an awesome job parenting.




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