Moving Home

In September 2016, we moved to Kuwait. Our plan was to stay for 2 years, save as much as we could (with some travelling in that time too, of course) and then move to Mexico where we hoped to settle.

Kuwait was nice. A little small and not too much to do apart from visit malls on our days off. The heat is crazy there and I needed to keep myself pretty well covered up being a woman. (Something I did not think I would get used to but I find myself continuing to do it now. I feel like it looks classier.) The winter gets cold too, not as cold as Ireland for sure but it definitely gets cold enough for a scarf and a nice big blanket at night.

Anyway, off to Kuwait we went and as you can see in my ‘Baby Number 2’ post, we ended up expecting our second baby. Now we needed to think about where this baby would be born. It was a much easier decision to make on Leticia as we had insurance to cover private hospital visits etc. However, we weren’t exactly in a place to go private in Kuwait as the cost is crrrrrrrazy. So we started to look at our options which were 1. Go to public hospitals but not have my husband allowed into the appointments with me or 2. Move back to Ireland where all maternity costs are free and we would have my family for support and help, if we needed it. Option number 2 also meant that we would need to dip into our savings and not be able to save as much as we could if we stayed one more year in Kuwait. After a lot of talking, we came to the decision to move back to Ireland.

Our plan was to move back for a year in which time we would have the baby, settle a little and then head off again to get back saving. I called my parents to let them know the plan and to have them keep an eye out for some rented accommodations for us. Sooner than we knew, we were set up with a house back home in my dad’s hometown. This was happening.

Honestly, the thoughts of moving home were scary. I hadn’t lived at home properly in a long time and I didn’t know how it was going to fair out. However, my family helped us more than we ever could have imagined to settle back in. They showed Leticia so much love and continue to do so. Our girls are very lucky. They made the transition back home easy.

We had jobs secured for the summer in Ireland but needed to find something after that. I knew it would be a difficult task for me, being noticeably pregnant to get work but my hubby got work and is still working. We have had baby number 2 and living a very quiet, grown up kind of life here with very limited travel possibilities. We have been on one trip since moving back which was to the States.

Our feet are getting itchy again though and living here with two kids is more expensive than it necessarily has to be. Our savings are dwindling, something which is also not ideal. I have been travelling/ living abroad since 2008 and my hubby since 2010 so being back ‘home’ is not as easy as it seems. Hmmmmmm, what to do?

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