Things I Took for Granted Before Getting Pregnant

So, as all you mommies and mommies-to-be know, a lot of things  change when we get pregnant. This is my first pregnancy which was the result of four months of trying and I could not be happier that my husband I finally got there. Four months may not seem like a long time but when you’re actively trying, it feels like forever.

Anyway, I’ve put together a small list of things that I miss from pre-pregnant life; as the heading says, ‘Things I took for granted.’ The list is just a little fun and I hope it relates to some other mommies-to-be out there.

  1. Putting on my own socks

Yeah, I can put on my own socks … kinda … like eventually. But if my hubby is around, it is far easier and way less time consuming than trying to master the task alone. I remember the days when it only took a couple of minutes to put on a pair of socks. Now, I need to put aside at least 5 minutes per day to put them on, and then another 5 minutes to take them off. It’s tough going. Don’t even get me started on tights. I have yet to try this one alone.

2. Breathing

Ha! Breathing, that’s pretty useful, eh? Don’t expect it to be as easy when you have teeny tiny little feet using your diaphragm as a trampoline. One minute you’re sitting down watching a bit of light TV, the next thing you know your breath has been taking away and you feel like you’ve been punched by Conor McGregor’s left hand. Or you’ve decided to go for a stroll, oh! there we go again, breath gone. And you haven’t even made it to your front door.

3. Sleeping on my belly

Oh! Back to the days when I could do this, what bliss! It was the only way I ever really slept actually. A few pillows to throw my hands around, lie on my belly and off to sleep I’d go. Now, not so much. Not only would it go against all pregnancy gravity (yeah, that’s a thing, ok!) but it’s just not possible. It hurts you, it’s not good for the baby and  it’s downright difficult.


4. Wearing non-maternity/ non-elasticated clothes

Jeans, skirts, shorts … ahhh!! Ok, it hasn’t actually been that long since I’ve worn any of these but it has been long enough. I’ve been wearing maternity jeans and shorts since the bump started to pop out the slightest bit. Wearing ‘normal’ jeans and shorts just wasn’t comfortable anymore. I guess that’s what happens when someone has taken residency in your uterus and is growing at a rapid pace. Man, I can’t wait to wear a normal pair of jeans again … whenever that’s gonna be.

While we’re on the subject of maternity wear actually – maternity jeans and shorts; they’re just not that comfy, are they? I mean the band that comes up over your belly, it’s kind of annoying especially when you have a belly button which is trying its best to pop out. Saying that, I will be holding on to them for ‘fat days’ in the future. Everyone should have a pair of maternity pants for fat days.

5. Remembering

Right, I know that anyone who knows me is probably having a giggle now since this is something I have never really been that good at. I have been known to ruin jokes by not remembering the punchline. My husband actually laughs at my ditzy brain all the time. But since getting pregnant, it’s become a whole different ballgame. I mean, I feel like I’m constantly stoned. I will be mid conversation and  suddenly forget what I was saying. Just last week I went into the kitchen to check on my lunch, which I thought was cooking, only to realise that I hadn’t put it in the bloody oven. I was starving!!! Yup, pregnancy brain most definitely is a thing.

6. Doing the housework/ other small tasks around the house

Yeah! I said it – I miss doing the housework. I’m the kind of person who gets bursts of energy and when I get them, I need to do something. If i’m at home, that’ll be some sort of cleaning. Now, at the beginning of the pregnancy I honestly think I would have still been able to do the housework but my husband decided to take over and not let me do it anymore which is amazing and I love him for that. But now, even when I try I can’t really do it. Back to the whole breathing thing again … consider your breath gone after two seconds, literally. The simple task of taking the Christmas tree out of its bag had me breathless and dizzy. Saying all of that, I guess I’ll let hubby take charge of the housework for another while. He looks like he loves it. Hehe!

7. Morning stretches

You know when you wake up and you let out a big yawn which is followed by a lovely big stretch, waking up those  sleepy muscles and bones? Lovely, isn’t it? Huh, I wouldn’t know. I can’t remember the last time I did this. I miss morning stretches so much. For  some crazy reason I haven’t been able to have them since pretty much the beginning. I’m stopped by a  darting muscle pain in my stomach. I’ve had ‘almost stretches’ but they’re just not satisfying at all; not like the full arms over your head, legs outstretched morning stretch.

8. Sleep

Oh! Sleep! So many times, people have said to me, ‘get all the sleep you can get now because you won’t get any once the baby is born’. Have these people totally forgotten about the lack of sleep during pregnancy? Like, I get that I may never sleep again but this process has  already started … months ago. First trimester aside (for me at least), I have not had a full night’s sleep without disturbance since finding out I was pregnant. Once the second trimester began, so did the bathroom trips. They were then followed by me  being rudely awoken by calf aches and I mean CALF ACHES! Now, I’m almost at the end of the pregnancy and the good old hip aches have set in for the home-stretch. I lie on my right side for ten minutes and that hip begins to ache so I change to my left for ten minutes until that hip ache begins. This continues throughout the night. Not to mention, the bathroom trips have increased by a lot at this stage. Little bubba really likes to use my bladder as a stress ball and obviously night time is his/ her most stressful time. Now, because of the hip aches, walking to the bathroom takes a little longer than usual which gives the baby enough time to wake up for a little dance party in my tummy. So yeah, sleep? I’m already asking, ‘what’s that?’ and I haven’t even had our baby yet. I guess I’ll just have to wait for another, what? 18 years to find out.


But hey! I love being pregnant. I cannot wait to meet our little dancer/ aerobics instructor in a few weeks. Maybe he/ she can help me to get back into shape after giving birth. I am currently on my 37th week of pregnancy, so very close to the end. I already know that I’m gonna miss the little (very strong) kicks and jabs in my tummy once the baby is here. But then the baby will be here and I can just get snuggles instead.

I hope that some mommies  and mommies-to-be can relate to some of the things I have written about and that you’ve had a little giggle at some point. I know I could have written about more things but, you know … baby brain.


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